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NORVINA® False Lashes are premium-quality lashes that provide comfortable wear and deliver maximum impact. These lightweight, high-quality lashes are easy to apply and adhere to the lash line in seconds. Add volume, length and thickness to your lash look with ease (making mascara optional). Dreamy is a set of fluffy, flirtatious full-strip synthetic lashes with mega volume—yet they remain undetectable as they blend in with your natural lash line. Provides up to 20 wears.

How to Use

  • APPLYING YOUR LASHES: Place a small amount of lash adhesive onto a metal mixing plate. Allow the adhesive to get tacky (about 1 minute). Then, dip the tail end of a pair of tweezers into the adhesive and apply the adhesive to the band of your False Lashes with control. Wait another 30 seconds. Holding your False Lashes at the center, gently press the false eyelashes onto the center of your upper lash line. Then, press down the outer edges of the lash band onto your lash line. Allow False Lashes to dry in place. For a more seamless lash look, secure your application by gently pinching the lash band and your lash line together.
  • REMOVING YOUR LASHES: Use your fingers to gently pull the band of the False Lashes starting from the outer corner and moving toward the center of your face. Be sure not to pull the faux lashes themselves to avoid tear. Avoid touching your natural lashes.
  • CLEANING YOUR LASHES: Immediately clean your False Lashes after use. Gently remove the adhesive by lightly massaging the lash band with your fingertip. To remove any excess adhesive that may remain on the band, first lay the lashes on a flat surface, then use a clean cotton swab dipped in a small amount of micellar water and gently wipe along the lash band. If any adhesive remains along your lash line, use a clean cotton swab dipped in a small amount of micellar water and gently wipe to remove.
  • STORING YOUR LASHES: When not in use, return your False Lashes to their storage case to keep them protected and to help maintain their proper shape. This also helps ensure your faux lashes go on seamlessly the next time you apply.

Pro Tips:
  • To help extend the life of your False Lashes, apply mascara to your natural lashes before your faux lash application to prevent too much product from getting on your False Lashes.
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