You’re on the Premium Waitlist. Look for your confirmation email with more details!

You’ve earned your spot in line.
Follow these simple steps so you don’t lose it:

  • Remain a Charmer

    If you cancel your BoxyCharm subscription or opt out of the BoxyCharm Premium Waitlist, you will lose your spot in line.

  • Keep Payment Up-To-Date

    Falling into payment failure status will forfeit your spot in line for the month’s BoxyCharm Premium.

Here is What’s Next.

On the first day of the month, we will attempt to process payment for BoxyCharm Premium based on the order that Charmers joined the Waitlist, and subject to availability.

You can check your BoxyCharm Premium Waitlist status online. Login to your account. Click on My Account, select Account Preferences and check the My Subscriptions section. An ‘Active’ status means you will be receiving a BoxyCharm Premium box. A ‘Waiting’ status means you are on the Waitlist for a BoxyCharm Premium box.

If you are activated from the Waitlist, you will see two separate charges: $27.99 for your BoxyCharm and $39.99 for your BoxyCharm Premium. You will be able to cancel either your BoxyCharm or BoxyCharm Premium anytime by clicking “My Account” and then “Account Preferences”.


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