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The Original Clean Towels now have a newer, greener, and more luxurious counterpart. Our Bamboo Clean Towels were created with a more sustainable origin and eco-friendly custom in mind. Made with certified organic bamboo from private plantations, you can trust that they're not only fully biodegradable and compostable, but coming from one of the most renowned sustainable sources known to our planet as well.

The Clean Towels Bamboo are perfect for our customers with high regard for sustainability who love the Clean Towels, or those who want to start with a more lavish option with utmost comfort in knowing they've chosen fabric from the fastest growing and environmentally beneficial plant on earth.

How to Use

❁ Dry your face after cleansing

❁ Wet and use with a cleanser to wash your face

❁ Pair with micellar water, oil, or balm to remove makeup

❁ Pair with a toning mist, wet or dry, to freshen up

❁ Wet and use to remove face masks, mess free

❁ Clean your makeup brushes and skincare tools

❁ Clean your countertop


All Clean Skin Club Clean Towels are made of viscose. Our Bamboo Clean Towels are made of viscose with bamboo as the material source. Viscose is a partially man-made cellulose fiber derived from the pulp of various trees and plants. To make the Bamboo Clean Towels, bamboo is harvested from managed plantations then broken down into chips that are then washed and cleaned. The bamboo chips are dissolved, turning them into viscose, and then sent through a spinneret which produces the soft, cellulose fibers. This fiber is then stretched and pressed, turning them into Clean Towels. The finished product is an ultra-soft and absorbent facial towel that is tear + shed resistant, and gentle on even the most sensitive skin types.
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