BoxyCharm Community Guidelines

Welcome to BoxyCharm’s Community Guidelines. We want all of our platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat,TikTok etc.) to be a place where Charmers can connect and share their love for all things Boxy!

BoxyCharm’s platforms are a safe place where Charmers can be playful with beauty to feel empowered, included, heard, and accepted. We do not tolerate hate speech, racial or religious slurs, derogatory remarks, body shaming, or bullying of any sorts. We want our ethics to transcend our social channels, as we believe it will bring value to the experience, safety, and happiness of our Charmer community.

How to play nice:


Sometimes you have to give it to get it! We love to feature content that is relatable and inclusive to all Charmers. Our social platforms are a place where we share Charmers’ and makeup artists’ looks they’ve created with our monthly box. No one likes a bully! It is vital that the comments on our social platforms cultivate a positive, empowering and respectful culture. We will not tolerate comments that are disrespectful, derogatory, or malicious. This includes, but is not limited to: name-calling, mocking, berating, negative comments regarding race, religion, disabilities, ethnicity, sexual orientation or identity, and physical appearance.

Lights, camera, action!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the looks you’ve created each month with your BoxyCharm! We want to see your videos and photos and would love to feature you on our social media platforms. For a chance to be featured, be sure to tag us at @BoxyCharm and #BoxyCharm. Please remember, stealing or impersonation is not nice! If it’s not something that you’ve created, please get permission to share and give credit where credit is due!

When sharing or reposting any BoxyCharm content, don’t forget to show us the love and credit us where applicable!

Can I get a little privacy?

There are billions of people on the internet and unfortunately not everyone has the best intentions. Please refrain from publicly posting or resharing sensitive and other identifying information regarding yourself or another Charmer.

No one likes a spammer!

Please avoid commenting on our channels with anything that does not relate to the post or to BoxyCharm as a whole. The intention for our community is to connect BoxyCharm, and the products and brands we partner with, to our Charmers. Flooding the comments with promotions and links to sell other products is a no no.

Have some thoughts?

We would love to hear them! To get in touch with one of our representatives visit us here:

Relationships can be hard...

So, let’s not make them harder. Breakups can also be messy, so let’s not go through one. If you bend or break the community guidelines, we may have to break-up with you for good.