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Be on the go in style with our chic black travel case filled with five cruelty-free, synthetic, and vegan eye makeup brushes. This set is also in the same marvelous color as our popular Dreamcatcher set. These brushes are ideal as they create a perfect eye look just like their full-sized companions. Create new adventures and embark on amazing journeys all while looking flawless using our Wonderlust set.

This brush set features the following brushes: 

LUXIE 205 Tapered Blending is your go-to brush for applying and blending out transition colors in your crease, or for blending any harsh lines in your eyeshadow look.
LUXIE 237 Blending is a classic eyeshadow blending brush ideal for applying transition colors to the crease and blending out any harsh lines in your eyeshadow looks.
LUXIE 207 Medium Angled Shading's angled head is perfect for sweeping highlight over the brow bone, defining your crease, or blending out the outer corners of your eyeshadow.
LUXIE 209 Large Shader can be used with any cream, powder, or liquid eyeshadow to apply an even wash of color over the eyelid. For a bolder look, wet this brush with your powder eyeshadows.
LUXIE 201 Brow and Lash is ideal for shaping and grooming brows before makeup application and to brush out the excess powder, pencil, or pomade. This can also be used to remove excess mascara and unclamp lashes.
LUXIE pouch. Keep your beauty products organized in the Luxie pouch. It's the perfect size for storing five or six products you use on an everyday essential.  When you do need to do your makeup on-the-go, you'll have everything handy and ready for you in one place.
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